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Snow Guilfoyle

Uplifting Sagas: The Top Half of Women's Liberation

This summer I will be working with sociologist and writer Sarah Thornton on her upcoming book project, “Uplifting Sagas: The Top Half of Women’s Liberation.” Engaging with an intersectional study of feminist theories, deep dives into histories of world cultures and representations of the breast, and ethnographic interviews with a diverse number of figures from a variety of fields, this book endeavors to reveal the breast as an integral part of women’s liberation. I will be reviewing and transcribing interviews in addition to conducting targeted independent historical research to serve as an aid to the process.

Message To Sponsor

I am grateful for the opportunity not only to enhance my research skills but to engage with people and perspectives through sociological theories, anecdotal introspection, and feminist scholarship regarding the body and gender. I have felt enlightened by these personal and academic discussions, revealing new modes of thinking about my own experiences.
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Major: Art History
Mentor: Sarah Thornton/ Gender & Womens Studies
Sponsor: Anselm Fund
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