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Sierra Glassman

Behavioral Correlates of the Chip Note in Anna’s Hummingbird

Anna’s Hummingbirds are charismatic birds native to western North America. They are well-studied for their jewel-like coloration, hyper-aggressive behavior, and unique courtship displays. However, the meaning and usage of their most common vocalization – the chip note – has never been thoroughly investigated. This research will correlate auditory parameters of chip notes with behavioral context in order to infer broader utility and significance of the vocalization.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you so much for allowing me to fully immerse myself in hummingbird research! I love birds and am fascinated by their behavior, so I couldn't be more grateful for this research opportunity and chance to strengthen my scientific skills.
Major: Integrative Biology
Mentor: Robert Dudley, Integrative Biology
Sponsor: Chandra Fund
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