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Shruti Satrawada

Polarized Light Imaging Analysis to Improve Diagnosis of Alzheimer's

This summer, I will continue to work at the Grinberg Lab (I started there in Fall 2017) on the AVID project where the ultimate goal is to alter the PET scan to be able to identify Alzheimer’s disease earlier in patients. My team works to scan high-quality images of slices of the brain. We then stitch these images together and use machine learning to identify concentrations of tau, a protein linked to Alzheimer’s, in the human brain. One of our final products will be a heat map of the analyzed brains in order to display the concentration of tau.

Message To Sponsor

Working as a Student Research Intern at the Grinberg Lab this summer will be an extremely rewarding experience. This lab gave me the opportunity to work with individuals and under incredible mentors that truly care about my development as a computer scientist. This has been my first experience applying my knowledge in a real life setting, and it has only motivated me in proceeding with my career goals. I am so grateful for this tremendous opportunity and hope to continue to grow both personally and academically while working in the lab.
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Major: Computer Science
Mentor: Lea Grinberg & Maryana Alegro
Sponsor: Leadership Fund
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