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Sharanya Sahu

Maximum Entropy Theory of Ecology in Disturbed Ecosystems

We are analytically and numerically studying the behavior of ecosystems based on perturbations in their descriptive parameters. Using mathematical modelling, systems will be studied at both discrete and continuous time scales. The impact of perturbations in the ecosystems on the stability of those ecosystems will be investigated.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you for helping me pursue this project over the summer. I am curious about understanding the impact of outside influences on the environment, and fundamentally, this research project is exploring just that. Working with Dr. Harte over the past two semesters, I have been able to participate in building a theory of ecology. Working with and developing mathematical models is a delicate, rigorous task. I am eager to investigate these expressions and move towards developing the best, most accurate model.
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Major: Sustainable Environmental Design
Mentor: John Harte/ Energy and Resources
Sponsor: Leadership Fund
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