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Samer Bahu

Blame Attribution in Patient-Physician Miscommunications

This research project focuses on how people attribute blame in patient-physician miscommunications, aiming to uncover biases and expectations that shape how individuals assign blame. By investigating how observers and patients themselves attribute blame, particularly towards physicians as primary communicators, the study sheds light on the consequential context of miscommunication in healthcare. Exploring interventions to reduce miscommunication, such as encouraging proactive communication from patients, the study endeavors to enhance patient-centered care and optimize healthcare communication practices. Ultimately, its goal is to foster more effective patient-physician interactions and improve patient outcomes.


Message To Sponsor

I want to thank the donor for supporting this opportunity to do research in a field I love. As someone who is going into the medical field, it means a lot to me to be able to enhance the interactions between patients and doctors. The fact that you are able to sponsor me to bring vital knowledge to the field of medicine and behavioral psychology not only empowers me in my pursuits, but it will also impact many disadvantaged communities who need to communicate with doctors.
Major: Molecular & Cell Biology and Psychology
Mentor: Juliana Schroeder, Haas School of Business
Sponsor: Chandra Research Fellow - Chandra Fund
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