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Saba Majidi

Intestinal LRH-1 and the Modulation of Bioacid Metabolism

It is known that bile acids are crucial hormones synthesized by the liver which aid in emulsifying dietary fats, absorption of nutritious vitamins from meals, elimination of waste products such as cholesterol, and controlling energy homeostasis. Previous knowledge thanks to papers by Lee et al. and Miranda et al. indicates that nuclear receptor Liver Receptor Homolog-1 (LRH-1) plays roles in hepatic cholesterol and bile acid control in the liver. Based on this, Bayrer Lab has discovered data suggesting intestinal LRH-1 activity is critical for bile acid homeostasis and balancing energy homeostasis. Thus, one of the projects I will be working on this summer addresses the function of LRH-1 in bile acid transport in the gut intestinal epithelium and how it affects the host glucose and lipid metabolism within the gut-liver axis communication system.

Message To Sponsor

I want to express my gratitude towards my mentors Dr. Bayrer, MD, Ph.D; and Carla Bueno-Silva, Ph.D. Dr. Bayrer has been such an amazing mentor to me and has repeatedly shown me that he truly cares about my success. I am beyond grateful for the time he takes out of his busy schedule to teach me the scientific concepts behind our research and to guide me through the steps of entering the medical field. Carla has been the sunshine to my rainy days; her knowledge and patience have been incredible as she has taught me lab procedures and how to properly conduct research in a lab. I could not have asked for a better lab to work in and I always look forward to my lab days!
Major: Molecular & Cell Biology
Mentor: James Bayrer, UCSF
Sponsor: Leadership Fund
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