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Ryan Yu

Effects of Chronic and Acute Radiation on the Brain in ApoE Mice

Our understanding of the effects of chronic radiation within the human body has been largely limited by lack of applicable research – current models are based on studies of victims of large, acute amounts of radiation such as in Hiroshima and Chernobyl. This summer, I will be working to study the difference in effect of chronic and acute radiation (small doses over a long period of time vs one large dose at once). More specifically, I will be observing the biochemical, physiological, and behavioral effects of different types of radiation on the brain in mice who are predisposed to develop brain defects, tumors, and conditions like Alzheimer’s. We hope to determine if different considerations need to be taken when considering different types of ionizing radiation especially for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, as well determining if different genes genetically predispose patients to developing recurring cancer after their radiation treatments.

Message To Sponsor

I am extremely thankful for the support of the donors to this program. It has offered me the opportunity to continue pursuing research I have grown to become passionate and interested in, while also growing my personal skills as a scientist and student.
Major: Molecular & Cell Biology
Mentor: Jean Nakamura/UC San Francisco
Sponsor: Chandra Research Fellows - Chandra Fund
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