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Naz Dundar

Trust and Technology

This summer, I will be running laboratory and field experiments to understand what makes people willing to share their personal information with machines (or other humans). We are trying to understand whether things such as the mode of communication affect how humans build trust with one another or machines. Accordingly, one of the primary experimental manipulations we will be testing for is whether people are talking or writing with the other machine/human, how that affects the trust-building process and consequently how much personal information they share.

Message To Sponsor

I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity since I would not have been able to find the funds to stay in Berkeley over the summer otherwise. With this amazing chance I will be able to continue doing something that I am extremely passionate for and grow immensely as a students pursuing a career in academia.
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Major: Psychology and Molecular and Cell Biology
Mentor: Juliana Schroeder
Sponsor: Leadership Fund
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