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Melissa Young

Field School With The Nemea Center for Classical Archaeology

Field school with The Nemea Center For Classical Archaeology includes excavation, identification, and classification of antiquities discovered in Nemea, Greece. While excavation is exciting, it is extremely important to also prioritize the conservation of classical sites in order to preserve the history and continue to learn from it, which is of utmost importance to the Nemea Center for Classical Archaeology. Tending to sites such as the Sanctuary of Zeus at Nemea provides students like myself with skills in excavation and communication as well as a deeper appreciation for ancient cultures.


Message To Sponsor

This opportunity will allow me to further participate in the amazing discipline of archaeology and also give me valuable experience in the field of archival work, which I aim to make my professional career. I am extremely grateful for the donation that has made this trip possible, as it will not only fuel my interest in archaeology but will aid in my future profession.
Major: History of Art
Mentor: Kim Shelton, Ancient Greek and Roman Studies
Sponsor: Anselm Fund
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