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Lauren Tabor

Role of the pqq operon in antibiotic resistance within Pseudomonas eye infections

I work within the Fleiszig laboratory, which focuses on Pseudomonas eye infections. This summer, I will be studying the role of specific genes within the pqq operon, an operon formerly known to be involved in ethanol oxidation. I will be exploring the unknown role of this operon in facilitating antimicrobial resistance when Pseudomonas is grown in tear fluid.

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URAP has given me this incredible opportunity to extend my interest in research far beyond the classroom. I get to not only employ real-life research techniques, but I get to be involved in experimental design/planning. I have so much appreciation for this past year in the lab, and I am very excited to continue with this work until I graduate. I know that the skills I learn in the Fleiszig lab will prepare me for a career in research and medicine.
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Major: Microbial Biology
Mentor: Suzanne Fleiszig, Optometry
Sponsor: Leadership Fund
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