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Kourtney Shaw

State Personal Belief Immunization Exemptions

I will be researching the 17 states who have or have had previously state codes with exemptions from mandatory immunizations of school children on the basis on personal, philosophical, and/or religious reasonings, and will be writing memos on the historical developments of their immunization statutes. Several states, such as Oregon, Maine, and Washington, are currently in the process of trying to repeal these exemptions after recent outbreaks in communicable diseases. In light of recent measles outbreaks and motions to change state legislation concerning immunization requirements, I find my work to be very relevant today!

Message To Sponsor

I am so grateful to my donor for affording me this great research opportunity! I am excited to further develop my research skills and be able to carry these with me to graduate school and beyond in my career.
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Major: Sociology
Mentor: Elena Conis
Sponsor: Leadership Fund
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