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Kiely Bol

Exploring the Impact of Parkinson's Disease on Explicit Re-Aiming

Individuals with Parkinson’s disease experience nerve degeneration in the basal ganglia, a region of the brain responsible for both motor and non-motor functions. It is believed that Parkinson’s disease impairs the ability to learn and adapt skilled movements, such a visuomotor adaptation. Since there are multiple learning processes involved in motor learning, the goal of this project is to isolate explicit re-aiming (the conscious and strategic adaptation to a task) and to understand the basal ganglia’s involvement in this specific learning process. This summer, I will continue collecting data for the project and conduct further neuropsychological intakes.


Message To Sponsor

Thank you for supporting this research project! I am very appreciative of the opportunity to pursue this project over the summer. The Ivry Lab has immensely helped me grow as a researcher and as a person. Your support and the lab's support will help advance my academic and professional endeavors.
Major: Psychology
Mentor: Richard Ivry and Elizabeth Cisneros, Psychology
Sponsor: Shin-Morgan Fund
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