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Kevin Xu

Biomechanics of how organisms interact with their physical environments

We are interested in understanding the biomechanics of various organisms by analyzing how physical structure affects the organism’s mechanical functions in nature. From amoeba pseudopods to barnacle larvae antennae, we are primarily interested in understanding the feeding and locomotive mechanisms of different organisms and figuring out what advantages these specific mechanisms confer to each organism. By studying the interface of organism biomechanics and system fluid/solid mechanics, we can elucidate the basic physical rules that govern different kinds of organisms.

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Having a research experience in my undergraduate career was instrumental to shaping my career goals and having a chance to formulate solutions to unanswered questions. Continuing my research in the summer allows me to grow as a researcher and develop my analytical thinking skills. I am very thankful for this opportunity to work closely with my mentor, Prof. Koehl, to learn more about the field of biomechanics and apply my knowledge of fluid and solid mechanics to organism behavior.
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Major: Chemical Engineering
Mentor: Prof. Mimi Koehl
Sponsor: Chandra Research Fellows - Chandra Fund
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