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Kathryn Field

Research Assistant in the California Archaeology Laboratory

This summer I will be working on various projects in the California Archaeology Lab. The Cal Lab performs research on archaeological materials from various sites, predominantly in California. This past year I have been working on projects from sites in the Oregon Great Basin and on the Santa Cruz coastline under the guidance of PhD students Gabriel Sanchez and Michael Grone. This summer, I will continue working on the Santa Cruz projects in the lab and there is also prospect of working out in the field performing survey and excavation on the northern coast of Santa Cruz County. Archaeological projects like these uncover critical ancient tribal knowledge and practices that can help contribute to critical conservation efforts and local tribal revitalization.

Message To Sponsor

I would like to thank my donor that made this research opportunity possible. I am transfer student entering my senior year at UC Berkeley, so I am grateful for this chance to get more experience in the Cal Archaeology Lab over the summer. These next few months will provide me with the time needed to deepen my understanding of archaeology, continue building relationships with fellow students and mentors, and bridge together my two years at Cal in the most valuable way.
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Major: Anthropology
Mentor: Kent Lightfoot, Professor of Anthropology
Sponsor: Leadership Fund
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