Undergraduate Research & Scholarships

Kailyn Jackson

Re-Imagining Postpartum Care for Black Birthing People in California

This project aims to address the significant disparity in maternal mortality rates among Black birthing people in the US, with a particular focus on California. Data from the CDC reveals that Black birthing people are three to four times more likely to die during and after pregnancy in the US. Through in-depth interviews and design workshops, we seek to identify specific needs and challenges faced during the postpartum period and brainstorm innovative solutions to improve postnatal care. This summer, my role will involve coding and analyzing the obtained interviews, as well as co-leading a design workshop.


Message To Sponsor

I’m beyond grateful for the opportunity to continue the work towards improving postpartum healthcare outcomes for Black birthing people. As a Black woman, it has been so important to be a part of a study working towards addressing the longstanding Black maternal health disparities. Thanks for your support!
Major: Molecular & Cell Biology and Sociology
Mentor: Ndola Prata and Renee Clarke, School of Public Health
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