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Jinsheng Li

Exploring Solar Wind-Magnetosphere-Planetary Surface Coupling at Mercury’s Magnetosphere with MESSENGER’s Measurements

Mercury, a planet located so far from the Earth, has long eluded the attention of many astrophysicists. Its proximity to the Sun poses difficulties for astronomical observations and spacecraft missions. Recently, NASA’s MESSENGER spacecraft mission demystified Mercury, allowing us to finally probe Mercury’s composition and structure. This research project will delve into the data collected by MESSENGER’s Magnetometer and the Energetic Particle and Plasma Spectrometer, focusing on periods with heightened solar activity, identified based on magnetic field and solar wind parameters.


Message To Sponsor

As an early physics student, I am very grateful for this opportunity to continue my research over the upcoming summer. My work in the past two semesters has been revealing, where physical theories and computing methodologies merge to give substantial insights into real-world research topics. On behalf of both myself and my mentor, Dr. Weijie Sun, I give our heartfelt thanks to our sponsor. Your support is crucial in pushing the limits of human knowledge.
Major: Physics and Computer Science
Mentor: Weijie Sun, Space Sciences Laboratory
Sponsor: Leadership Fund
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