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Jean Doody

Excavation and Conservation at the Sanctuary of Zeus at Nemea

This summer, I will be working on-site with the Nemea Center for Classical Archaeology at the Sanctuary of Zeus at Nemea, Greece. During the program, I will catalog and conserve artifacts in the museum, and also participate in fieldwork and excavation on-site. This summer experience will be a continuation of my academic year experience as a Undergraduate Research Apprentice with the on-campus Nemea Center.

Message To Sponsor

Working with the Nemea Center is a dream come true, and it is only possible through the generous support of donors. Studying ancient civilizations and archaeology is something I dreamed of doing ever since I was a child. When I arrived here at Cal, it became one of my highest academic goals. It feels unreal that I have been given the opportunity to do it this summer. Thank you so much for allowing me to expand my studies and grow as a researcher and scholar. Your support truly does make a difference.
Major: Ancient Greek and Roman Studies
Mentor: Kim Shelton
Sponsor: Anselm Fund
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