Undergraduate Research & Scholarships

Isabelle Cherry

Analyzing the Sustainability of Manufacturing and Recycling Subsea Internet Cables

The project, called Sustainable Subsea Networks (https://sustainablesubseanetworks.com/), investigates the sustainability of subsea cables, which are the backbone of global digital networks and carry over 99% of transoceanic internet traffic. Our research enhances the sustainability of the internet by tracking the carbon emissions associated with sourcing materials and the manufacturing, laying, maintenance, and recovery of subsea internet cables – with the goal of producing a comprehensive map of carbon emissions and their hotspots. Additionally, we hope to conduct one of the first comprehensive studies on the environmental footprint from recycling out-of-service internet cables. These deliverables will hopefully inform the telecommunications industry and governments on how best to green the internet’s infrastructure.


Message To Sponsor

Thank you so much for this opportunity to be recognized for and continue my research! My experience in URAP has been amazing in allowing me to realize my academic, professional, and personal goals. Through my research I hope to make a tangible contribution to the development of a more sustainable internet infrastructure.
Major: Society and Environment
Mentor: Nicole Starosielski, Film and Media Department
Sponsor: Hampson Fund
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