Undergraduate Research & Scholarships

Erica Jazmin Villegas Padilla

Experiences of Service Access Among Latinx Older Adults

This summer I will be recruiting, interviewing, and building bonds with older Latinx Richmond and Oakland, CA community members. I will have the privilege of listening to their experiences with community support systems and services. Pulling from these experiences, my team and I seek to address strengths and weaknesses within the older adult service sector. 

Message To Sponsor

A million thank yous to the donors who have made this opportunity possible for me. Being a Bay Area Native, with older Latinx relatives, this project hits immensely close to home. I am beyond grateful to have the opportunity to further partake in work that helps heal my community.
Major: Ethnic Studies
Mentor: Laurent Reyes / Dept. of Social Welfare
Sponsor: CACSSF Fund
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