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Emma Wu

Investigating the Potential for Wastewater Effluent to Restore Coastal Stream Ecosystems in Southern California

Water conservation policies in Southern California are reducing the amount of recycled wastewater discharged into rivers, but this reduction may lead to streams drying out. Environmental managers in Southern California are working to balance water conservation with the health of stream ecosystems. This project focuses on analyzing the impact of these water conservation policies on the surrounding vegetation. I will be conducting data analysis on how these new policies have impacted vegetation diversity. I will also use Google Earth Engine to monitor changes in water levels in the Los Angeles and Santa Clara rivers. Through this data, we hope to inform recommendations for flow management.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you so much for supporting my research this summer! Your support allows me to continue exploring my interests in environmental conservation, and I am extremely grateful for this opportunity. URAP has allowed me to develop as a student, a researcher, and an environmental advocate, and this opportunity will allow me to continue growing in those roles. Thank you again for your support!
Major: Environmental Economics and Policy
Mentor: Albert Ruhi, Environmental Science, Policy, & Management
Sponsor: Chandra Research Fellow - Chandra Fund
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