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Cristian Figueroa

History Making at Fort Omoa, Honduras

My task this summer is to put together the history of events that created the archaeological site that was excavated at the San Fernando de Omoa Fortress in Honduras. I will do this by working with the original records of excavation where students recorded their own observations and differences of buried soils of different points, color, and textures of the site. This will help to identify periods when building and burning of the town took place and when the conversion of the fort to a modern hospital in the twentieth century happened.

Message To Sponsor

I would like to thank the donors that made this opportunity possible for me. Getting this opportunity will allow me to expand my research knowledge in the field of archaeology. I feel very grateful that with this opportunity I will not only be improving my knowledge and skills, but I will also be helping make a wider contribution to the community in Honduras, the general public, and other scholars by helping them understand more of Fort Omoa’s history.
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Major: Anthropology
Mentor: Rosemary A. Joyce/Anthropology
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