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Claire Donahue

Determining the elevational limits of Letharia lichen in the California Sierra Nevada

Lichens are one of many organisms that thrive as a result of symbiosis. These organisms are formed through a symbiotic relationship between a fungus, the mycobiont, and an algae or a cyanobacteria, the photobiont.This project will investigate the elevational limits of one common lichen species, Letharia columbiana, in the Sierra Nevadas through a manipulative transplantation experiment. I will measure the growth, photosynthetic yield, and symbiotic nutrient exchange of lichens transplanted to three distinct elevations.



Message To Sponsor

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to pursue ecological research both in the lab and in the field.
Major: Molecular Environmental Biology
Mentor: Klara Scharnagl, University and Jespson Herbaria
Sponsor: Chandra Research Fellows Fund
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