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Anika Kumar

Study of Lactate Supplementation on Recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury

My project seeks to understand the major metabolic pathways such as gluconeogenesis and how they respond to lactate supplementation in rats that have been subjected to traumatic brain injury (TBI). I am specifically working on developing and running assays with the Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometer using isotope tracers to track important analytes as they progress through these pathways. This work will hopefully impact standard of care in individuals recovering from TBI.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you so incredibly much for this amazing opportunity to advance this work this summer. Not only are you contributing to a great project that will further our understanding of medical recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury, but you are also providing me an invaluable experience to learn and develop as an academic researcher. The skills I gain this summer will be very important as I move forward in my career!
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Major: Molecular and Cell Biology
Mentor: Dr. George Brooks
Sponsor: Chandra Research Fellows - Chandra Fund
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