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Andrew Wong

Effect of APOE2/3 on Neurodegenerative Health and Cholesterol Homeostasis in C. Elegans

APOE4 is a known risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease. In C. elegans, this is known to cause membranal breakdown due to negatively impacting cholesterol homeostasis. This causes issues in egg development in C. elegans, causing over-storage within the worms. At the Ma Lab, I will be further researching APOE2/3 as possible risk factors for neurodegenerative health in C. elegans and seeing whether they represent protective or harmful roles. Applications of techniques include microinjection, RNAi protocols, electroporation, and survival/behavioral assays.

Message To Sponsor

I really appreciate the donation for allowing me to further continue my research at the Ma Lab. Being able to research fields that are relevant to human health and well being is an opportunity that I am very grateful for, and I am thankful for receiving the funds to continue doing so.
Major: Molecular & Cell Biology and Data Science
Mentor: Dengke Ma, Molecular and Cell Biology, UCSF
Sponsor: Leadership Fund
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