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Amodini Choudhary

Analyzing Neuroprotective Lipid Mediator Pathways in Glaucoma

The lipoxin circuit is an important paracrine signaling mechanism to maintain neuronal homeostasis and protect the retina, specifically ganglion cells, against neurodegeneration. Our lab is investigating this astrocyte-neuroprotective network with the goal of exploring the efficacy of amplifying the lipoxin circuit as a therapeutic approach for glaucoma. With a focus on lipidomics-based LC/MS-MS approaches, I hope, in part, to elucidate the regulation of lipid mediator pathways of astrocytes, muller glia, and microglia under in vitro and in vivo stress conditions that recapitulate key features of the neurodegenerative pathogenesis of human glaucoma.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you for this opportunity to continue my research over the summer! Your support will allow me to contribute to a project that I am fascinated by in a meaningful manner, and will support my goals of long-term research in the future. We appreciate you!
Major: Molecular & Cellular Biology, French
Mentor: Dr. Karsten Gronert/School of Optometry and Vision Science
Sponsor: Cheundarndee Fund
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