Undergraduate Research & Scholarships

Amari Turner

Archival Research on Black Legacy at Cal

Black Lives at Cal (BLAC) is a multi-year initiative to celebrate, defend, and advance the legacy of Black people at the University of California, Berkeley, since the university’s founding in 1868. This summer’s work will involve growing our inventory of archival sources which may involve oral history interviews. We will also be working on the website our group created and adding more information to it that contributes as a whole to the website’s design.

Message To Sponsor

I am so grateful for the opportunity to continue contributing to the project BLAC over the summer. I truly believe in our project's initiative and am so honored to have been chosen as someone who can continue to put in work to move the initiative forward while being funded. I couldn't be more excited to get back to work!
Major: Environmental Economics and Policy
Mentor: Stephen Small/ African American Studies and Director of the Institute of Societal Issues
Sponsor: DeBenedetti Fund
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