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Adriana Temprano

Addressing Access to Legal Justice: Racial Trauma, Class Action, and AI

This project contributes to the Civil Justice Research Initiative at Berkeley Law, a think-tank that involves multidisciplinary empirical research on access to legal justice. Our work will include sociological and public health research on racial trauma cases, such as those involving police brutality. The resulting paper will be submitted for publication as a chapter in a forthcoming edited collection for the Elgar Research Handbooks in Law and Society Series. Additionally, a white paper will be written for research conducted on post-distribution accounts tracking the outcomes of class action litigation. The final aspect of this project involves a written piece on evidentiary AI and the law, which will go toward a newsletter for the Civil Justice Research Initiative.


Message To Sponsor

As a scholar and someone passionate about pursuing law, this chance to further my URAP research is absolutely invaluable. The work that Berkeley Law's Civil Justice Research Initiative does brings necessary empirical analysis to not only civil practice in law, but all areas of the legal justice system that impact each of our lives both in explicit and implicit ways. With my major backgrounds, I also have the unique opportunity of applying a sociological lens to issues within the law that require intersectional solutions. All the work I dedicate toward this project serves a purpose greater than myself — but I am honored to play a part in tangibly addressing gaps within legal access and procedure.
Major: Sociology and English
Mentor: Anne Bloom, School of Law's Civil Justice Research Initiative
Sponsor: Cheunkarndee Fund
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