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Aditi Puttur

HERE2PSW: Helping Educators Use Research Evidence to Promote Student Wellbeing

HERE2PSW is a collaborative project between County Offices of Education across California, educators and staff at the district level, researchers, and organizations like Greater Good and CalHOPE. The aim is to integrate social-emotional learning and wellness practices into classrooms, by demonstrating SEL strategies in Community of Practice meetings and beginning to initiate SEL programs. My focus will be in quantitative cleaning and analysis, by taking in information from deliverables such as surveys and user data from courses, to inform the effectiveness of practices and implementations shared at meetings.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you for sponsoring me this summer! I am very grateful for the opportunity to continue working on this project, which has been such an immense learning experience. The work being done by everyone in this project is so crucial, and brings importance to mental health and social emotional literacy, which is not often taught at this level in schools. It’s been truly wonderful to contribute in this way through URAP, and I am beyond happy to continue this journey!
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Major: Psychology and Data Science
Mentor: Valerie Shapiro/ Social Welfare
Sponsor: Shin-Morgan
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