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Summer 2020 Rose Hills

Profile image of Curtis BeckProfile image of Curtis Beck

Curtis Beck

Active Chromatin Marks Modulate the Activity of the Crucial Epigenetic Silencer PRC2

Rose Hills

Profile image of Anderson LeeProfile image of Anderson Lee

Anderson Lee

Investigating Applicable Biotechnologies of Cyanobacteria with a Comprehensive Pangenome

Rose Hills

Profile image of Yuan LinProfile image of Yuan Lin

Yuan Lin

Exploring Methods for Reducing Uncertainty in Determining the Bulk Density of Soils

Rose Hills

Profile image of Marvin MillerProfile image of Marvin Miller

Marvin Miller

Understanding the effect of aging on the lactate receptor GPR81 and metabolic inflexibility

Rose Hills

Profile image of David NobleProfile image of David Noble

David Noble

Elucidating Genetic Interaction Networks of Post-Transcriptional Regulators in Yeast

Rose Hills

Trishna Patel

Investigating the antiviral effects and mechanism of action of cyclodextrins against SARS-CoV-2 pathogenesis

Rose Hills

Profile image of Mason SakamotoProfile image of Mason Sakamoto

Mason Sakamoto

Investigating How 3D Mechanical Forces influence Neuroectoderm Specification in Human Embryonic Development

Rose Hills

Profile image of DJena SeeProfile image of DJena See

DJena See

Mechanistic Characterization of Candidate Cold Tolerance Proteins in Freshwater Tardigrade Hypsibius Exemplaris

Rose Hills

Profile image of William SheuProfile image of William Sheu

William Sheu

Identifying and Modelling Strong Gravitationally-lensed Systems using Neural Networks

Rose Hills

Profile image of Angela SunProfile image of Angela Sun

Angela Sun

The Role of Exosomes in Human SK-N-SH Neuroblastoma Cells During Neural Differentiation

Rose Hills

Profile image of Ethan WillbrandProfile image of Ethan Willbrand

Ethan Willbrand

Examining the morphological development of a new tripartite landmark in human posterior cingulate cortex

Rose Hills

Profile image of Amy YanProfile image of Amy Yan

Amy Yan

Spatiotemporal dynamics of type II actin nucleation-promoting factors at clathrin-coated pits

Rose Hills

Profile image of Ashley YangProfile image of Ashley Yang

Ashley Yang

Investigation of Therapeutic Efficacy of EGFRvIII-targeting CAR-NK cells against Glioblastoma in vitro and in vivo

Rose Hills

Profile image of Allison ZauProfile image of Allison Zau

Allison Zau

Detecting Aquifer Characteristics of Groundwater-Dependent Meadow Ecosystems in the Northeastern Sierra Nevada

Rose Hills

Profile image of Kyle ZolkinProfile image of Kyle Zolkin

Kyle Zolkin

Molecular weight dependence of plastic (PCL) degradation by an embedded enzyme-RHP complex

Rose Hills