Undergraduate Research & Scholarships

SURF Fellows

Summer 2015 Rose Hills

Profile image of Amit AkulaProfile image of Amit Akula

Amit Akula

Cluster-based parallel processing of DT-MRI acquisitions for real time probabilistic fiber tracking

Rose Hills

Profile image of Lucas BrenesProfile image of Lucas Brenes

Lucas Brenes

Investigating Age Related Decline of Germline Regeneration in an Amphipod Crustacean

Rose Hills

Profile image of Aryan HaratianProfile image of Aryan Haratian

Aryan Haratian

Characterization of Immune Response in Repeat Dengue Infections of the Nicaraguan Pediatric Cohort Study Using Dengue Reporter Virus Particles (DENV-GFP 1-4)

Rose Hills

Profile image of Katie HitchcockProfile image of Katie Hitchcock

Katie Hitchcock

Tracing the molecular footprints of extreme sexual selection - The genetics of sexual suicide in black widow spiders

Rose Hills

Profile image of Lucy LiProfile image of Lucy Li

Lucy Li

Identifying novel genetic modifier(s) for cataracts in mouse genetic models

Rose Hills

Profile image of Bao NguyenProfile image of Bao Nguyen

Bao Nguyen

Investigating the Properties of Plant-Specific Splice Factor Proteins RSZ32 and RSZ33 and Their Role in Gene Regulation

Rose Hills

Profile image of Varun RajProfile image of Varun Raj

Varun Raj

Development of a time-based reconstruction algorithm to constrain the Spill-In/Out Effect at the Daya Bay Experiment

Rose Hills

Profile image of Annie YauProfile image of Annie Yau

Annie Yau

Survey of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus and Pregnant Women in Mysore, India

Rose Hills