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Tyri Watson Humanities

The Cognitive Transformation of The Striving Black Brothers Coalition

The Striving Black Brothers Coalition (SBBC) is a mentoring program at Chabot College in Hayward, California that offers space, peer mentoring, and staff ally support to African American males in order to transform their academic performance. In this study, Tyri Kayshawn will examine how the SBBC facilitates higher graduation rates of African Americans males at Chabot College. His study will utilize a qualitative analysis to uncover the mentoring strategies the Coalition continues to use in order to graduate these students at such a high rate. He will conduct in-depth, one-on-one interviews as well as survey current members and leaders of the SBBC and Chabot students, faculty and administration. In all, this research will provide a deeper understanding of how support programs effectively facilitate a cognitive transformation among African American men.
Photo: Tyri (center, on table) is shown with members of Still We Rise (SWR), a group that helped Tyri to concentrate his research interests and solidify his ability to apply his methodological concepts so that he can not only obtain results from his investigation, but mobilize them throughout his community as well.

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies | Spanish
Mentor: Mentor: Nikki Jones, African American Studies
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