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Tamarind A. Rossetti-Johnson Humanities

Orbital Revolution: An Exploration in Visual Conceptual and Physical Communication

Tamarind will create an experiential multimedia performance piece that involves viewers in exploring processes and representations of communication. Live performers will interact with video documentation, photographs and drawings of visual symbols of technological communication, such as satellite dishes, telephone wires and television antennae. In order to add a global dimension to her performance piece, Tamarind will be traveling to Mexico this summer, where she will be researching, collecting and documenting images and interviewing people in Mexico City and Oaxaca City, focusing particularly on the traditional dances of Oaxaca performed during the Fiesta Guelaguetza. “Orbital Revolution” will use images and actions that reflect each other-the dish of the satellite, the curve of the eye, the orbit of the planet, the path of the dancer-to illustrate the many forms of global communication and the human desire to connect.

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Mentor: Mentor: Kevin Radley, Lecturer, Department of Art Practice
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