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Monica Deza Social Science

Effect of First Generation Immigrants Time Horizons on the Human Capital Acquisitions of Second Generation Immigrants

Previous research in the Economic field has found that immigrants’ social, economic, educational and family decisions differ depending on whether they come permanently or temporarily, with important effects on earnings and income. Other work has demonstrated the effects of immigrant parents’ education and income on their children’s future outcomes. However, there is a notable gap between these two literatures: Previous studies have largely ignored the impacts of immigrants’ return migration plans on their children’s future earnings and human capital. My objective with this research is to combine these two existing literatures in a project that analyzes the effect of first generation immigrants’ (parents) time horizons on the human capital acquisition decisions of second generation immigrants (children). I plan to extend previous research and explain how time horizons of parents at the time of migration will affect their children’s future income.

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Major: Economics/Mathematics
Mentor: Mentor: Professor David Card, Economics
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