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Luis Orozco Sanchez Social Science

Equity of Rooted in Nature: Evaluating the Impact of Outdoor Environmental Programs on Camp Aged Youth From Diverse Socioeconomic Backgrounds

Outdoor Education (OE) is a critical component in aiding environmental literacy and improving the general health of our younger generations through fostering a connection to nature. However, studies have shown OE in America is predominantly made up of male and caucasian participants. OE would theoretically benefit youth from a lower socioeconomic background the most, as these youth are deprived of access to nature to a much greater extent, yet youth from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds remain underrepresented in OE. Research on OE’s impact on youth’s connection to nature based on socioeconomic backgrounds is lacking, and Luis hopes his research project this summer will bridge this gap. The findings from this research project will provide guidance for employing best possible methods for prioritizing equity in OE.

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Major: Conservation & Resource Studies
Mentor: Mentor: Paul Fine, Integrative Biology
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