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Jacob Coakley Humanities

Diamonds, Swords and Video Cameras

Jacob will write, as an independent study project in the English department, a full-length play with a double narrative. This duality of structure will allow Jacob to experiment with various forms of multi-media and digital technology available in a modern theatrical production in an effort to explore questions of human subjectivity raised by media theory. To accomplish this, Jacob will develop the script in dialogue with an actress over the summer in New York City, while observing the techniques and technology of several avant-garde theatre companies in NYC already doing this type of work. In the fall Jacob will return to Berkeley to revise and expand the draft, working with a support network of theatre professionals in the Bay Area and beyond. He will produce a semi-staged reading of the play for the spring 2005 conference.

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Major: English
Mentor: Mentor: Professor Celeste Langan, English
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