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Strain Engineering of Two Dimensional Transition Metal Dichacogenides

Strain engineering is a ubiquitous technique utilized in the semiconductor industry to modulate and engineer the properties of semiconducting electronic materials. Various processes such as advanced high performance transistors, solid-state lasers, and integrated circuits adopt strain engineering to further optimize their performance. Simultaneously, two dimensional transition metal dichacogenides (TMDCs) have demonstrated their great potentials as the next optoelectronics and extremely scaled electronics; they can be scaled down to the atomic limit to be used for electronics. However, to date the merits of strain engineering have not been sufficiently employed nor explored in the field of TMDC-based scaled optoelectronics. Geun Ho aims to expand the strain engineering of TMDCs, and perform systematic experimental studies of strained TMDCs in order to optimize their optoelectronic performances.

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Major: Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, Bioengineering minor
Mentor: Mentor: Ali Javey, Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences
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