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Daniell Newman Social Science

Digital Government: The Next American Revolution?

Daniell’s research in the burgeoning field of eGovernment will examine the structure, implementation, and deployment issues of the use of the Internet as a tool for governance in the United States. For his Senior Honors Thesis in Political Science, he will travel to Washington D.C. and Sacramento to conduct case studies of the eGovernment plans of the State of California, US Treasury Department, and a plan created for the federal government by the Council for Excellence in Government. Daniell will determine if a combination of elements of these efforts could interwork with additional inter-system interfaces, to provide a system of digital governance accessible to all. He will also evaluate the pervasiveness of such services and the quality of access to disadvantaged classes, which will either bridge or increase the split of societal groups across the Digital Divide.

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Major: Political Science
Mentor: Mentor: Professor Bruce Cain, Political Science
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