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Casey Butterfield Humanities

Transcending Language: Carme Riera and Post-Franco Catalan Literature

Casey will examine the situation of Catalan women writers in the first generation following the death of Franco through close literary analysis of author Carme Riera’s body of work and further study of her cultural reception in Spain as a feminist author using a minority language. The completed analysis will constitute her Senior Honors Thesis in the Comparative Literature major. Since little of Riera’s work has been translated into English, Casey will also translate several of her short stories to offer a sampling of Riera’s views and method to non-Catalan scholars. This summer, Casey will travel to Mallorca to study the Balearic dialect of Catalan that Riera uses in her work, and will conduct archival research on Riera in Barcelona at the Biblioteca Nacional de Catalunya.

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Major: Comparative Literature
Mentor: Mentor: Professor Emilie Bergmann, Spanish and Portuguese
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