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Mo Mao

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Hepatitis B (Hep B) is a high risk infection that is disproportionately affecting Asian Americans up to date, though testing and vaccinations are available free to low-cost across multiple sites in San Francisco and the surrounding Area. Many studies have tried various community based methods to increase screening rate and number of diagnosed patients willing to accept treatment, yet they failed to address the reasons and solutions for the lack of initiatives of Asian Americans towards Hepatitis B. Therefore, this project aims to address the historical, political, and structural conditions […]

Grace Jang

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This project delves into the impact of political regimes on cross-border entrepreneurial activities. Understanding this nexus is pivotal, given that the interplay between democracy and capitalism significantly influences international businesses. Corporations, acting both as subjects of regulation and regulators themselves, are deeply affected by the regimes in their foreign operations and investments. Despite its significance, this intersection remains inadequately explored, particularly concerning multinational corporations (MNCs) and international new ventures (INVs). While extant studies generally find stable political environments as conducive to MNC performance, such political systems are either arbitrarily selected […]

Luohe (Layla) Fan

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Emotions play an essential role in mental health and overall well-being, and adaptive emotion regulation helps people deal with the challenges of everyday life. Emotion beliefs have been shown to influence motivation to attempt emotion regulation and emotional functioning. Emotion malleability beliefs represent the extent to which individuals perceive emotions as changeable, dynamic, or fixed, static, uncontrollable entities. Studies suggested that more malleable emotional beliefs were associated with lower levels of psychological distress, such as stress, depressive symptoms, anxiety symptoms, and negative affect. Among individuals with high anxiety levels, this […]

Genesis Galindo Leyva

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First-generation immigrant parents are often considered to act in their family’s best interest, especially to ensure their children’s success. For this reason, first-generation immigrant parents are seen as influencers and contributors to their children’s educational success. However, by considering first-generation immigrant parents as just influencers and contributors to their children’s educational success, less emphasis is placed on their personal educational aspirations and their desire to continue their education. Therefore, it is important to look further into understanding what other factors influence first-generation immigrant parents’ decision-making, how these factors influence their […]

Eleanor Gao

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Uncertainty monitoring is an introspective process integral to learning. Children, demonstrating this ability as early as three years old, have to make countless decisions from moment to moment about what aspects of the environment to pay attention to and which ones to ignore. An internal sense of uncertainty is crucial to solving this problem: by selectively orienting themselves to things they’re uncertain about, children can maximize learning and minimize wasting time on already familiar things. Current research mainly explores how uncertainty guides children’s information-seeking but not sensitivity. There is a […]

Tatum Hurley

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Over 100,000 people rely on the Alameda County (AC) Transit system to move around the Bay Area every day. Yet, there is a notable lack of proper bus stop infrastructure to support riders, even as wait times can reach upwards of thirty minutes. I intend to perform a census of AC Transit bus stops in Berkeley and Oakland to collect data on amenities such as benches and shelters, and hostile architecture features such as bench obstructions. This project seeks to identify any patterns in the presence or absence of these […]

Shreya Chaudhuri

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My family’s roots belong to the land of Dibrugarh, Assam – the tea capital of India. From exploitation at the hands of the British Raj to decolonization with my ancestors rematriating land, the tea farm that we have tended to has undergone many transformations. India’s tea industry, which has colonial roots, is one of the largest in the world, exporting $709,000,000 of tea annually. Recently, there has been rampant corporatization of the tea industry, which is supported by a $7.8 billion investment from the World Bank. Our land is dying, […]

Cleo Cottrell

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Ground penetrating radar (GPR) and electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) are two geophysical instruments used for non-invasive survey projects. This research will focus on the application of these instruments in an archaeological setting; in particular, we plan to investigate the interoperability of GPR and ERT data, specifically for the purpose of identifying faunal remains and bone beds in California. While the topic of GPR and ERT interoperability has been explored in European and Asian contexts, there is a significant lack of interoperability research in the Americas, especially in North America. I […]

Ayah Aldajani

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Children are notorious for being the sneakiest eavesdroppers, much to caregivers’ dismay. But could this mischief, actually be beneficial for their language development? According to research, overheard speech plays a significant role in children’s learning of words and facts, yet there is a gap in the literature when it comes to understanding which attentional cues indicate learning from overhearing. This raises the question: When children are surrounded by speech that is not directed to them, how do they decide what to attend to, and how can this support their learning […]

Adrian Caceres

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As a SURF fellow, my research explores the impact of societal and academic stigmas faced by formerly incarcerated or system-impacted (FI/SI) students who have participated in the Berkeley Underground Scholars Pipeline (BUSP) in contrast to those (FI/SI) students who made it to Berkeley on their own. Specifically, I examine whether participation in BUSP programs, such as cross-enrollment and others, helped these individuals feel less stigmatized compared to their peers who navigated their way to Berkeley without BUS support. This study aims to highlight the importance of structured support programs in […]