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Yohan Song L&S Sciences

The vascular organization of the cat inferior colliculus

I am analyzing the vascular organization of the cat inferior colliculus (IC), a major auditory structure in the midtbrain, to determine whether its divisions share a common pattern. The IC consists of the central nucleus (CN), the dorsal cortex (DC), and the lateral cortex (LC), each with different roles in auditory behavior and perception. I am comparing the IC capillary distribution to quantify differences between subdivisions using plastic-embedded material from two adult cats in 1 m-thick semithin sections stained with toluidine blue. Ten non-overlapping random 200 x 200 m2 samples will be selected from each CN, DC, and LC for analysis. The purpose of this study is to demarcate the borders of these subdivisions based on the vasculature. Inconsistent anatomical definitions may be the basis for past contradictory findings on the IC.

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I am very grateful towards SURF for financially providing an opportunity to focus on research without the clutter of schoolwork and other burdensome distractions. So far, my experiences with research have been extremely positive, as it provides the arena in which I can blend my interests in science with my intellectual curiosity and creativity. Moreover, the hands-on aspect of research has given me a set of unique experiences, different from those in my science classes. Leading an independent project, I am often intimidated by the unpredictability of research and the many twists and turns looming ahead of my self-directed study. Despite such challenges, however, I look forward to pushing through my obstacles to ultimately sharpen my character and to contribute useful work to the scientific community.
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Major: Molecular and Cell Biology
Mentor: Jeffery Winer, Molecular and Cell Biology
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