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Yasmine Kaki L&S Arts & Humanities

Of Wives and Mothers: Royal Marriage in Ottoman Tunisia

My project focuses on the role family and its creation and extension through marriages played in the consolidation of political power for the ruling family of Tunisia under its Ottoman regency. Since the Ottomans allowed for a great degree of political autonomy for the Bey (the governor of Tunis), rather than appointing a Bey to the region, the Ottoman government allowed for a continuous hereditary ruling family to control Tunisia. I will be looking specifically at the Husaynid Dynasty reigning from 1705-1956 but bracketing my period of research with the start of French colonization in 1881.This research will add a new dimension to the study of Beylic rule by centering the role women played in the transference of power and as political players. This dimension of my project will center around the 107 women buried in the women’s room of the Beylic Tomb in the Medina of Tunis, establishing names, a timeline of these women and any overlaps between them. The next phase of my research will focus on the National Archives of TUnis uncovered what is available on these women.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you for funding this summer research experience. As my research requires me to travel internationally, I am really only able to fund and conduct this research with the generous donation of my donor. This is my first chance to conduct rigorous, hands-on independent research so I am so grateful for this opportunity.
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Major: History, Sociology
Mentor: Christine Philliou
Sponsor: Leadership
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