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Xitlaly Olivera L&S Social Sciences

The Consequences of the Globalization of Mezcal

Over the past decade, the demand for mezcal has increased causing Indigenous communities in Oaxaca to accelerate the levels of production. The global mezcal industry in 2022 it was valued at $338 million USD and it is expected to to increase to $2.1 billion USD by 2030, with a compound annual growth rate of 22.6% (Straits 2022). The consequences of the globalization of mezcal has manifested in the loss of ecosystems, traditional ecological knowledge, and the increase use of pesticides, which are ultimately accelerating the loss of Indigenous cultures in Oaxaca. I wish to explore exactly how the transition from an artisanal mode of producing mezcal to a more industrialized one has impacted the natural environment and Indigenous culture and livelihood. This research seeks to empower Indigenous communities by working together to compile a series of oral histories pertaining to the history of mezcal and its production, as well as working with mezcaleros to find ways to preserve the tradition of producing mezcal artesanal and our natural environment.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you for your generous contribution to my research. I firmly believe this opportunity will pave the way for my future endeavors in helping my community. This program is helping me preserve my Indigenous culture for those generations to come. Thank you for supporting my fruitful vision.
Major: Conservation & Resource Studies, Ethnic Studies
Mentor: Greg Niemeyer
Sponsor: Leadership Fund
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