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Xiaomei Song L&S Math & Physical Sciences

Emotional and Socioeconomic Impact of Diabetes

Exploring Diabetes’ Impact: Social Media Analysis with NLP

This SURF project investigates the emotional and socioeconomic burdens of diabetes by analyzing social media discourse. We leverage advanced NLP techniques to categorize sentiments and topics shared by individuals. By delving into positive, negative, and neutral expressions across platforms, we aim to illuminate the complex challenges of managing diabetes beyond clinical settings.

This research will provide valuable insights for patient care, and public health policies, and bridge the gap between traditional research and real-life experiences.

Message To Sponsor

Dear Generous Donor, Your support empowers my UC Berkeley SURF research on diabetes. By analyzing social media with NLP, I'll explore the emotional and financial realities of this disease. This project has the potential to improve patient care and inform public health policy. Thank you for investing in impactful research. Sincerely, Xiaomei Song
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Major: Computer Science
Mentor: Gora Datta
Sponsor: CACSSF
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