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Xiao Hua Chen Rose Hills

Evaluating Chromatins Role in Sex-Specific Aging with Drosophila Lifespan AssaysDoris Bachtrog

While research concerning the molecular aspects of aging exists, there remain unanswered questions regarding aging differences between males and females. Differences in aging between males and females is a phenomenon that has been observed in many different animals with XY sex determination, including humans. These differences are manifested in the observation that females outlive males. Recent studies have provided insight into the potential role of sex-specific chromatin in aging. My project will focus on conducting lifespan assays for Drosophila flies with altered sex chromosome configurations to directly test the effect of chromatin on aging. By using males that lack a Y chromosome, females with a Y chromosome, and flies with varying degrees of X-linked genomes, I hope to elucidate the influence of Y and X-linked chromatin on sex-specific aging.

Message To Sponsor

I am honored and extremely thankful for the generous support of the SURF program and the Rose Hills Foundation. This support will enable me to fully immerse myself in my research project, engage with brilliant researchers at UC Berkeley, and learn more about the impact of chromatin on aging. This incredible summer experience is vital for the progress of my honors senior thesis and my personal development as a researcher. I am very grateful to SURF for this opportunity to conduct my own research as an undergraduate.
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Major: Molecular and Cell Biology, Nutritional Science (minor)
Mentor: Doris Bachtrog, Integrative Biology
Sponsor: SURF Rose Hills fellow
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