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Cost and Construction Analysis of Concrete Gridshells

Thin-shell concrete structures are material-efficient and low-mass building systems with the ability to cover large spans and building envelopes. The geometry of shells and their corresponding gridshells plays a vital role in many performance factors such as their structural stability, constructability, costs and environmental impact. Therefore, exploring different design alternatives in the early stages of the construction workflow can have a significant impact on the overall performance of these building systems.

Motivated by these challenges, the goal of this research is to evaluate the environmental impact, cost efficiency, and constructability (torsion and bending) of gridshell structures to enhance their overall performance. In this project, I will work on how to formulate the cost, bending, and torsion analysis modules by generating a parametric 3D module with respect to cost analysis and bending measurements. Afterwards, these developed modules will be integrated into an already developed larger project which accounts for the structural and daylighting performances of concrete gridshells. I will also assist with evaluating and comparing the design alternatives against each other, including traditional concrete beams and post structures, as well as solid concrete shells.

Message To Sponsor

I want to thank Johnson Fund for sponsoring my research this summer. It had been immensely satisfying to be able to focus on research for a whole summer. I learned so much valuable skills and knowledge. I met so many passionate and intelligent peers and researchers. All of those would not have been possible without Johnson Fund.
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Major: Mechanical Engineering
Mentor: Yasaman Yavaribajestani
Sponsor: Johnson Fund
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