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Sudev Jay Sheth Humanities and Social Science

The Life of Music in New Delhi: An Artistic Tradition in Evolution

Responding to an earlier work by ethnomusicologist Daniel M. Neuman entitled The Life of Music in North India (1980), my research topic aims at understanding how the life of music has evolved in the quarter-century since that seminal study was published. The creation of both public and private institutions of teaching, research, documentation, archiving, and performance have significantly increased since Neuman’s work. Accordingly, I will explore how they have impacted the life of music rather than accepting at the outset that they have played a favorable role. I will be interviewing music students, patrons, performers, and listeners about their experiences with official music institutes. I will also visit these institutions to better understand what role they play in the larger musical picture.

Message To Sponsor

This summer provides an excellent opportunity for me to take a serious academic look at my personal passion while not having to worry about finance. My advisor has taken my project into her personal care after being awarded the Fellowship, creating a special relationship that will eventually shape my academic career in music. Because this summer entails legitimate research, the experience will also allow me to accurately assess whether academia is what I would like to pursue as a career.
Major: South and Southeast Asian Studies, Political Science
Mentor: Bonnie Wade, Music
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