Undergraduate Research & Scholarships

Scott Michael Coyle L&S Sciences

Investigating the role of Asc1 in the transition to invasive growth in the yeast S. cerevisiae

Changes in cellular programming are often thought to be mediated by changes in regulation at the level of transcription. However, there is increasing evidence that changes in the regulation of translation may play an equally important role in the reprogramming process. In our lab, we have found that the transition from a vegetative to invasive physiology in the yeast S. cerevisiae requires a novel mode of regulation of translation. I recently identified a protein, Asc1, which is required for this transition and potentially acts directly at the level of translation. My research will focus on elucidating the specific role of Asc1 in this transition as well as identifying other reprogramming events in which it may be involved.

Major: Molecular and Cell Biology
Mentor: Jennifer Doudna, Chemistry and MCB
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