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Sarah Bhattacharjee Rose Hills

Preventing Post-Surgical Amniotic Sac Rupture

During pregnancy, complex birth defects can arise, and fetal surgery can correct or drastically ameliorate these conditions. The largest unmet need of the field is a method to seal the amniotic sac, as it does not heal following surgery and can rupture, leading to preterm birth. I hope to develop self-sealing needles and instrument sheaths to seal defects in the amniotic sac during and after surgery. Hopefully these new methods will help fetal surgery become a viable and safe option for growing families.

Message To Sponsor

This fellowship gave me the opportunity to immerse myself in research and challenge myself to really explore my passion! I am immensely grateful to have had the chance to do so, as I learned so much from both my work and my cohort. Going forward, I hope to continue pursuing my passion for research, and this program has cultivated this motivation of mine. It was a wonderful summer, and thank you very much for this experience!
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Major: BioEngineering
Mentor: Phillip Messersmith
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