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Rocky Hughes Rose Hills

Tuning 2D Electrochemical Properties via Heterointerface Effects

In recent years, the study of 2D materials consisting of atomically thin sheets of matter has exploded into a vibrant research area pursued by materials chemists and condensed matter physicists alike. The structures of these materials bring about many exotic properties which, in the near future, are projected to see groundbreaking applications in energy conversion and storage, as well as low-power computation. The behavior of electrons in 2D materials can be significantly altered by bringing flakes of differing chemical structures into contact. My project aims to better understand and exploit the consequences of introducing these heterointerfaces, in hopes of electrochemically inserting transition metal ions into the gap between the layers. Such a feat has proven extremely difficult, so I intend to make use of the unique properties of TMDs (transition metal dichalcogenides) and α-ruthenium chloride to produce an interface that welcomes the intercalation of such ions. Upon successful intercalation, I intend to study the magnetic structure of the resulting material with the hope that some interesting magnetic ordering is present.

Message To Sponsor

Thank you so much for funding my project! With your funding, I will be able to further hone my skills as a scientist, and explore this topic that I enjoy so much. I am very excited for this summer, and I can't wait to see what my project produces!
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Major: Chemistry B.S.
Mentor: Kwabena Bediako
Sponsor: Rose Hills Foundation
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