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Rhammses Del Rio Humanities and Social Science

Economic Recoveries for Doubled-Up Households from the Great Recession

In the twenty years I have spent living in different types of dwellings, including households that support more than one family, I have noticed that these doubled-up households seem to take longer to recover from an economic crisis. Is this a pattern? This study seeks to investigate and measure if living in doubled-up households lengthens economic recovery. We will look at doubled-up households and how economic circumstances and other possible shocks might impact these types of dwellings by analyzing household income recoveries post 2008 recession, comparing traditional households with comparable doubled-up households. The economic recovery in the United States from the Great Recession saw real median household income return to the 2007 peak by 2016 and continued to climb, but in that timespan there was an increase in the number and share of doubled-up households. This influx of doubled-up households created a false signal of macroeconomic wellbeing; it demonstrated a growing trend of median household income while disguising housing insecurity.

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This summer was the first time I could say with confidence that I will be going to graduate school. I have a long way to go but running my own research project was the most empowering experience in my time at Cal. When I followed others as a research assistant, all I was focused on was the skills others had that I was missing. I took on easy tasks that I knew I could handle without inconveniencing others by asking for guidance. This summer research program provided me with an opportunity to work under the mentorship of professors and graduate students that forced me out of my comfort zone. I will be eternally grateful for having that opportunity. Thank you.
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Major: Economics
Mentor: Sofia Villas-Boas
Sponsor: CACSSF
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